Horses and horse training

Well by now if you have been around anyone that has horses or trains them you realize that there are a lot of different ways of teaching and training out there.
 one of the things I like about horses is they will always tell you how much they know all you have to do is get on and take a ride, and to find a good trainer simply put them on a horse and let them show you what they are able to make a horse do, and then ask them to explain it to you.

 I started training horses when I was only 6 years old my father came home with a horse and told me to ride it or he would sale it. the horse was three years old never been ridden and my first time to ever be around a horse, and that was the beginning of my horse training. since then I have spent my life trying to learn a better way to train horses.

 Horse training to me is not just a job or something I do it is a way of life and a passion for Horses and learning.

 My philosophy about how to train a horse is to keep it simple so that the horse and the person you are teaching can understand. Practice makes you better and the more time you spend learning to train and training the better you will be at both. also there is no short cut's you have to work at it if you want you and your horse to be better, it takes a lot of wet saddle pad's and shirts to be better. Then you have to have Passion and Patient's because it will take a lot of both to achieve your goals of a better trained horse.

 My specialty is Reining horse training, but I have also trained Cutting, Dressage, Ranch Horse's, Trail horse's from basic to finished. I have giving private lesson's, Demo's, Clinic's, all around North and South America over the years. 

 The more you train the more you will learn and the better you and your horse will be.
"Training to Learn - Learning to Train"




                            Training To Learn-Learning To Train

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